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Subscriptions, Payments and Donations on-line.

New Member Subscriptions, membership renewals and donations can be accomplished through the secure PayPal system from your credit card or PayPal account.  (For NEW member applications, you must also fill in the application form on paper, so that it reaches the membership secretary with the necessary details.)

Click on the links below to go to the PayPay buttons.  By simply clicking on the subscribe button and choosing the appropriate membership category, the appropriate subscription will be shown.  Following the instructions, funds are securely transferred to the HSBC account of the Arthur Ransome Society Ltd. Please be sure to enter your surname, PostCode or Membership Number as requested, for identificationPlease also be sure to complete and submit the on-line application form so that all your details reach the Membership Secretary.

Likewise, by clicking on the Donate button, donations can be earmarked for Arthur Ransome Society Funds, Nancy Blackett Trust, Ship’s Baby Fund, TARS LIbrary, Red Slipper Research Fund etc.

NB:- Because PayPal deducts a small fee at the Society end of the transaction (about 3.5% + 20p, plus an additional 2.5% for transactions outside Europe), the amounts given under each subscription category have been adjusted accordingly.  For payments for services, please add on the appropriate percentage.

For UK New Member Subscriptions, click here

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For Overseas Existing Member Subscription Renewals, click here

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For Payments for particular services such as Amazon Publications, international transfers etc, click here

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