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Log Books

Introducing TARS Juniors Log Book

Ship's Boy Badge Effect

TARS Juniors Log Books give you the opportunity to progress from being a Ship’s Boy or Girl to becoming an Able Seaman by attending five different TARS events.  Once you’ve completed your Able Seaman Log Book you’ll then have the opportunity for promotion to Mate and then to Captain.  Log books and badges are available from your regional committee.  Click the icons below to find out about each category and to find events happening near you.



Free Choice Events

Go to an event of your choice however there is a twist to this challenge, see your log book for more details.

Find out what events are happening near you soon:


Birthday Event (see page 14 of Singals)


Profesor Callum Walk
Mug and Book Day


Trip on the Betsie Jane
Eastern Region AGM


Birthday Lunch

South Western

Bring and Scoff (see page 8 of Signals)
Birthday Lunch (see page 8 of Signals)

Titty’s Challenge

Titty's ChallangeIf you are working towards becoming an Able Seaman, get creative with this challenge. Go to a crafty activity or if you’re really feeling inspired get arty and produce a picture or model and send it off to be published in The Outlaw.  Find out what Titty’s Challenge events are happening near you soon:



Mug and Book Day

South Western

Bring and Scoff (see page 8 of Signals)

John’s Challange

John's ChallengeGo to a camping event and helping ensure the smooth running of the camp, eg helping to pitch the tent, fetching water and washing up. If you go camping with your family or another organisation keep a log of what you did and the responsibilities you took.
Watch this space to find out what John’s Challenge events are happening near you soon.