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Lantern Christmas Tree Decoration

Lantern Tree Decoration

Deck the halls in Swallows and Amazons style with these mini lantern tree decorations.

You will need:

  • black or grey card
  • template
  • scissors
  • needle
  • black thread
  • battery operated tea light
  • tape
  • glue stick

What to do:

  1. Print the template, if the card you are using is light in colour you may be able to print directly onto the card.  If not print onto plain paper, cut out and draw around the template.
  2. Carefully cut out the shape.
  3. On the large rectangle there are two very small spots, ask a friendly native to help you pass the thread through these two spots using a needle.  Tie the ends of the thread together using an overhand knot.  This is the hanging loop for your decoration.
  4. Fold along all the dotted lines.
  5. Line the bottom of your card shape up with the bottom of the tea light.  Stick the end not marked with shading to the tea light using tape.  If you printed directly onto the card make sure the printed side faces inwards.
  6. Wrap the card around the tea light making sure the bottom of the shape stays lined up with the bottom of the tea light.  Glue where the shaded area is an stick the end down.
  7. Fold the square down and stick the two small tabs on the posts either side onto the square.
  8. Fold the rectangle over so it forms a tent shape over the top, glue onto the narrow tab along the edge and stick this onto the square as well.
  9. When the glue is dry.  Switch the tea light on and use the thread loop to hang it from your Christmas tree.

If not duffers…

Remember to take care when using, passing and walking with scissors and needles.