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Camp fire games


These games are good fun to play sitting around a camp fire, they are also a great way to pass the time on a long journey or any time you want to play a game with family and friends.

The Great Aunt likes…

Confound your friends and family with this game.  As we all know the Great Aunt is a very fussy lady and this game challenges everyone to work out what she does and doesn’t like.  Tell the group to guess one thing that the Great Aunt likes and one she doesn’t, start by giving them an example such as “The Great Aunt likes grass but she doesn’t like daisies” then let the group take it in turns to guess what she does and doesn’t like.  Tell each person if they are right or wrong but don’t give the secret away, let people work it out.  People keep playing once they have work the secret out as it gives everyone else more chance to get it.
The Secret
The Great Aunt only like things with double letters in. She likes coffee, coots, lollies and cheese but she doesn’t like tea, ducks, ice cream or bread.


One player thinks of a verb (try sailing, exploring, cooking or swimming) but doesn’t tell anyone else.  The rest of the players then start asking questions but as they don’t know the word they say “Pemmican” instead.  For example they might ask “Do you like to pemmican?”, “Have we been pemmicaning today?” or “Have I ever pemmicaned?”.  Keep asking questions until you have guessed what the verb is, the first person to guess the word thinks of the next one.

The Swallows went camping and Mate Susan packed…

Going through the alphabet, take it in turns to think of something that Susan packed whilst remembering what has been said before.  For example the first person might say “Mate Susan packed apples”, the second person would say “Mate Susan packed apples and a bottle of milk” until you get to the end of the alphabet.

Whispering Parrots

Play this game in a circle, the player chosen to start thinks of a short message (maybe a line from one of the books, a piratical phrase or something you’ve done during the day).  They then whisper it into the ear of the person to their right, the message continues around the circle in the same way until it reaches the last person who shouts out what they think the message is.  Is it the same message you started out with?

Spinning a Yarn

The aim of the game is to tell a story but each player is only allowed to say two words at a time.  Take it in turns, going around the group to say you two words but listen carefully to what everyone else is saying as it does need to make a story!