Einar Stevens: Knight on Sailing

Mixed Moss Vol. 1 No. 2: pp16-18 What luck! Whilst rummaging about in a local second-hand book shop, I came across, and bought, a first edition of Missee Lee and a 1926 reprint of Small Boat Sailing by E F Knight, first published in 1901. I was particularly pleased with the latter as E F […]

THE AMAZONS: Gatecrashers in Secret Water? Peter Hyland

Mixed Moss Vol.1 No. 2: pp13-15: Peter Hyland argues that Nancy and Peggy shouldn’t really have been there at all.. . But there were no eels on the flag that suddenly fluttered from the mast head. The flag was black, with something white on it. ‘Skull and crossbones,’ said the Mastodon. ‘Well I’m blowed. Whoever […]

Paul Crisp: The Water’s Coming In

Mixed Moss Vol.1 No. 2: pp10-12: Secret Water sailor Paul Crisp reveals the narrow escape of TARS members aboard the SS Brightlingsea from attack by a pirate fleet.   We all have our own sailing nursery where we first clutched a jib sheet or tried not to grip the tiller too hard. It remains a […]

Roger Wardale: Swallow’s Tale

Mixed Moss Vol. 1 No.2 pp 6-8:   Swallow’s Tale Swallow II (as I call her) was built by Sam King of Harry King and Sons at their Pin Mill boatyard in the autumn of 1938. Sam was the dinghy builder of the firm and he constructed the boats by eye, without plans or moulds, […]

Roderick Welch: The Breeze Drops After Sunset

Mixed Moss Vol 1: pp48-49 Wednesday August 9, 1988. A small dark blue Mirror Class dinghy with two children and an adult on board slips away from the three boathouses at the foot of the field behind Lucy Batty’s farmhouse on the north-eastern bank of Coniston. The ship, African Wayfarer, was a borrowed one. The […]

Einar Stevens: Tales of Two Islands: Voyage to Blakeholme

Mixed Moss Vol 1. pp46-47. Of all the places associated with Arthur Ransome that we have visited, Blakeholme is for us the most special. As we passed Blake Holme Nab on our short sail north from Fell Foot Park at the base of Lake Windermere, the breeze increased a little, and our little sailing dinghy […]

Keith Paull: Donkey Bends and Pirate Hitches: Keith Paull gets tied up in Swallowdale

Mixed moss Vol 1 pp40-44                         ‘Roger, hop ashore and make the painter fast to that stump.’                                                      said Captain John. ‘Aye, aye, sir!’ answered Roger. ‘Fisherman’s, round turn and two half hitches, clove, cow or donkey?’ That passage does not come from any of the books, but it might well have done. Throughout the […]

Greg Palmer: Sailing Qualities of Peter Duck

Mixed Moss Vol 1: pp36-39 Arthur Ransome made some disparaging comments about Peter Duck – her sailing qualities, accommodation and general character ‘a marine bathchair for my old age!’ This was unusual for him — he had only praise for his other boats. He sold Peter Duck after owning her three years, although that was […]