Coastal Visit @ Shoreham-by-Sea
May 10 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

On Saturday May 10th we are visiting Shoreham-by-Sea on the south coast. We will visit the Lifeboat Station in the morning. I am told by the RNLI that this is the best station to visit in the area and it should be interesting to both seniors and juniors, as well as showing our support for such an important charity (no entry fee, but donations welcomed).

We shall find somewhere for lunch in the town, and then go on to visit the Marlipins Museum in the town centre: this is a small museum with a particular emphasis on the nautical history of Shoreham, but not strictly a maritime museum. It is thought to be the oldest complete secular building in Britain, with a most eclectic selection of exhibits. Entry at time of writing is £2.50 or £1 for concessions.

Meet at the Lifeboat Station at 10am. (Kingston Beach, Brighton Road, BN43 6RN, closest railway station is Southwick, but Shoreham-by-Sea is better for the return journey).

BYO Sailing day @ Warnford, Hampshire
Jun 27 – Jun 28 all-day

Saturday June 28th is our sailing/water fun day. This will be held on (and sometimes in) a private lake belonging to a TARS member. We are charging £2 per head to cover basic expenses, but otherwise it is very much ‘bring your own’. That is, bring your own food for a shared jolly picnic, and if you want jolly tea with your jolly picnic bring your own Primus stove.

We also need to bring our own water-craft, sailing boats, rowing boats, canoes, rafts…anything goes. We do not expect everyone to bring a boat, all are welcome with or without. If people do not want to engage with the whole wetness thing, they are also welcome to cheer others on and share in the picnic experience.

We will also have a paper-boat race, so bring your own materials and designs for paper boats. All soggy paper and other litter to be carefully collected and taken home; Coot Club rules.

Please note this is an open-air country event, there are no changing or toilet facilities on offer. The general area is between Winchester and Petersfield. For a map of the village of Warnford please contact one of the Southern region committee.


Camping weekend @ Cobnor, near Chichester
Aug 14 – Aug 17 all-day

Between August 15th and 17th we are having our usual annual camp at Cobnor, near Chichester. We light fires, go sailing, look at the stars, swim, and much more. You can stay overnight or visit for just a day.

Booking forms for this event will be sent out to Southern members by email and post nearer the time. Members from other regions please phone/email to get hold of a form as you are welcome too!

Last year there were 43 adults and 30 juniors having a great deal of fun.

Bring a boat if you can, or be press-ganged as crew aboard someone else’s. We regret to report that Swallow (the film version) will be unable to attend this time.

London sightseeing @ Greenwich, London
Sep 20 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

On Saturday September 20th we will be visiting Greenwich. This will include a visit to the Cutty Sark in the morning, so please meet there at 10am. Lunch will be found in Greenwich before we visit the National Maritime Museum in the afternoon.

The cost to visit the Cutty Sark is £12 or £9.50 concessions or £6.50 for a child. The National Maritime Museum is free. For anyone who has not recently been to either of these, they will find a lot of changes. Both are fascinating to anyone interested in nautical matters.

Autumn gathering @ Chidham Village Hall
Nov 8 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Please note the new location; we will be meeting on the South coast instead of the usual spot!

Held this year in Chidham Village Hall (at postcode PO18 8TP, on the main road through Chidham), very near to where we hold our summer camp, not far from Chichester. We will be hearing from Claudia Myatt the well known illustrator and author, who has illustrated the Strong Winds trilogy by Julia Jones and also is the artist used by the Nancy Blackett Trust. As well as a speaker we are going to have our own regional members’ forum: a chance for everyone to talk about how they see the Society going, are people happy with our events? what other events might we do? what are people’s concerns? what suggestions do people have for the future? etc. Come prepared to discuss and drink tea.

We will have two floors to use, so juniors can have their own activities; this year it is cake decoration and flag making. The nearest railway station is Nutbourne, 8 minute’s walk away.

Bohemian Walk @ Chelsea, London
Mar 14 @ 11:00 am

A tour of the young adult Ransome’s haunts.