List of Titles needed for the TARS Library

Titles which the Library lacks, as of November 2018

Books by Arthur Ransome

The ABC of physical culture, by Arthur M. Ransome (sic), 1904

The stone lady, 1905

The things in our garden, 1906

Highways and byways in fairyland, 1906

Edgar Allan Poe: a critical study, 1910 (missing from stock)

Stories by Edgar Allan Poe, 1908

Stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1908

Stories by Gustave Flaubert, 1910

The imp the elf and the ogre, 1910

The elixir of life, 1915

Books to which Ransome contributed

‘Trees’, and essay by Ransome in ‘The book of the open air’, in British country life in autumn and winter, edited by Edward Thomas, 1908

‘On reading Virgil’ in The odd volume, edited by John G. Wilson, 1912

‘Publisher’s note’ in The Kuomintang and the future of the Chinese revolution, by T.C. Woo, 1928

‘The travelling companion’ in The book of the fly-rod, by Hugh Sheringham and John C. Moore, 1931

Details of all of these works may be found in Arthur Ransome: a bibliography, by Wayne C. Hammond, 2000, or by application to the TARS Librarian.