Key dates in Arthur Ransome’s life and publication dates

1884 AR born in Leeds.

1893 AR goes to Old College, Windermere.

1897 AR’s father, Cyril Ransome, dies. AR goes to Rugby School.

1901 AR leaves school and goes to Yorkshire College.

1902 AR goes to London to work for publishers.

1903 AR leaves publishing and becomes freelance writer.

1907 Bohemia in London published.

1909 AR marries Ivy Constance Walker.

1910 Tabitha Ransome born.

1912 AR’s biography of Oscar Wilde published

1913 AR sued for libel over Wilde book. AR makes first visit to Russia.

1915 AR goes to Russia as Daily News correspondent.

1916 Old Peter’s Russian Tales published.

1917 AR meets Evgenia Shelepina in St Petersburg.

1919 Six Weeks in Russia in 1919 published.

1923 Racundra’s First Cruise published.

1924 AR divorces Ivy and marries Evgenia.

1928 AR visits China.

1929 Rod and Line published.

1930 Swallows and Amazons published

1931 Swallowdale published.

1932 Peter Duck published.

1933 Winter Holiday published.

1934 Coot Club published.

1935 AR buys cutter Electron and renames her Nancy Blackett.

1936 Pigeon Post published.

1937 We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea published.

1939 Secret Water published.

1940 The Big Six published.

1941 Missee Lee published.

1943 The Picts and the Martyrs published.

1947 Great Northern? published.

1967 AR dies and is buried at Rusland.

1975 Evgenia dies and is buried at Rusland.