Further Reading

Books to help you find out more about the author, his books and the boats, people and places behind them

If you are interested in finding out more about Arthur Ransome, his books and the boats, people and places which inspired him, there are a number of books which have been published to help you do just this. They are listed below with ISBN and publisher details, together with the year of publication. (A year in brackets indicates the year in which that title was first published.)

Not of all those mentioned may be available except from a second-hand bookstore, an online bookseller such as Abebooks or Amazon Marketplace or an online auction site, such as eBay.

Some of the books listed below are available from the TARS Stall.

Arthur Ransome & Captain Flint’s Trunk
by Christina Hardyment
ISBN: 0-7112-2692-0Frances Lincoln Limited, 2007 (1984)
Arthur Ransome and the world of the Swallows & Amazons
by Roger Wardale
ISBN: 0-9535035-4-2Great Northern Books, 2000
Arthur Ransome’s East Anglia
by Roger Wardale
ISBN: 0-946148-57-0Poppyland Publishing, 2001 (1988)
Discovering Swallows & Ransomes
by John Berry
ISBN: 1-85058-814-7Sigma Leisure, 2004
In the Footsteps of the Swallows and Amazons
by Clare Kendall-Price
ISBN: 0-95211-86-02Wild Cat Publishing, 1993
In Search of Swallows & Amazons: Arthur Ransome’s Lakeland
by Roger Wardale
ISBN: 1-85058-839-2Sigma Leisure, 2006 (1996)
The Life of Arthur Ransome
by Hugh BroganISBN: 0-224-02010-2Jonathan Cape, 1984
Nancy Blackett: Under Sail with Arthur Ransome
by Roger Wardale
ISBN: 0-224-03754-4Jonathan Cape, 1991
Signalling from Mars: The Letters of Arthur Ransome
edited by Hugh Brogan
ISBN: 0-224-04261-0Jonathan Cape, 1997

The World of Arthur Ransome
by Christima Hardyment ISBN: 978-0-7112-3297-6 Frances Lincoln 2012