‘Junior Adventure Fund (in memory of Bridget)’

Helping young TARS take part in Ransome-inspired activities

The ‘Junior Adventure Fund (in memory of Bridget)’ provides bursaries to help young TARS take part in Ransome-inspired activities.

Are you eligible?

TARS aged between 13 and 19 may apply and this includes those who are part of family memberships.

What may you receive?

Bursaries will be given to help towards the cost of undertaking Ransome-inspired activities.

What sort of activities are covered?

The range is enormous – sailing, climbing, camping, cycling, riding, chess tournaments, science activities, archaeological events, activities involving birds, fishing etc. Just look in Pigeon Post, or Secret Water, or in fact any of the twelve AR books for ideas or in The Far Distant Oxus! They can be under the jurisdiction of organisations such as the RYA, the Young Ornithologist Club, the Young Archaeologist Club, the Pony Club or recognised adventure-training groups, for example.

What activities are not covered?

School trips and GCSE field schools are not covered by the ‘Junior Adventure Fund (in memory of Bridget)’.

How do I apply?

Those in the UK should send a stamped addressed envelope to:

Paul Crisp
Greylands, Wellsprings Lane, Sampford Courtenay, Devon EX20 2TD

or send us an email.

Overseas TARS should send an email to Paul Crisp.

Don’t forget to include your name and TARS membership number. Forms will then be sent out for you to fill in. Applications need to be returned by April 30th each year at the latest as we will be announcing the awards at the National AGM in May, so get your red thinking caps on and reply ASAP!