TARSNZ Furthest South Award

Sounds interesting! What’s the award?

The award will be presented to the TARS member who has travelled “Furthest South” during the course of the preceding year.

Any TARS member who travels to New Zealand and makes contact with a TARSNZ member, and/or the TARSNZ co-ordinator and meets for a parley (grog optional) is eligible to win the award.  In the case of more than one TARS member travelling to New Zealand in any particular year, the member deemed to have travelled the furthest will be the winner.

Photographic evidence of the parley will be required, and sent to the TARSNZ co-ordinator (there is no requirement for the photo to be taken by stealth however – as per The Big Six.)

TARSNZ members want to encourage TARS members worldwide to visit our beautiful country and enjoy Kiwi hospitality, and develop international friendships based on a shared love of the work of Arthur Ransome.

The award will be sent by TARSNZ members directly to the winner wherever they live in the world.  The winner is announced at each IAGM, and a short article (to be supplied by the TARSNZ Co-ordinator) about the presentation will appear in the next edition of Signals.  The name of the first winner of the award will be announced at the IAGM in May 2013, for the member who has travelled “Furthest South” between 1 June 2012 and 25 May 2013, and thereafter annually at each IAGM.

Who do I contact?

Unless you already know a jolly TARSNZ member, best contact TARSNZ Co-ordinator Cheryl Paget before you leave, either by eel-mail, cherylpaget@yahoo.com post, 26 Tanner Street, Havelock North 4130, New Zealand, or ring 0064 6 877 5048, or text 0064 2102 774835.