Welcome to SW Region

Contacting SW Region

Details of how to contact officers are available in Signals.

TARS SW Committee

Chairman                                                           Christopher Kirwin 

Secretary                                                           Susan Gouldbourne

Treasurer                                                           Pat Glover

Acting Signals Editor                                                    Christopher Kirwin


 Members                 Alan Goodwin, Barry Gouldbourne,

                                  John Strickland, Derek Potter.

Elected Trustee to TARS Board – Christopher Kirwin

SW Trustee Representative – Barry Gouldbourne




Upcoming Events for 2015

Sailing Day in Bristol                           18th April 2015

JS Dartmoor Expedition                      17th May 2015

Archery Day in Exmouth                     13th June 2015

Charcoal Weekend                               September 2015

Walk to Morte Point and Horsey Island         10th October 2015

Literary Bring and Scoff                       November 2015

We are hoping to organise a fishing day as well.



Previous events of 2014

Fossil Hunting on Charmouth Beach 23rd of March 2014



A great afternoon was had by all hunting for fossils on Charnmouth beach.  Our guide from the Charnmouth Heritage Centre was extremely knowledgeable and soon had us finding fossils. We found belemnites, iron pyrite ammonite and other ammonites.