Join the Ranks in Midland Region

TARS Juniors log books gives you the opportunity to gain promotion by attending TARS events.  Starting out as a Ship’s Boy (just like Roger) you can become an Able Seaman and then Mate and then Captain.  To get your log book ask a friendly native to e-mail midlands@arthur-ransome.org.uk to make arrangements for you to receive log book.

To find out what events are coming up and which log book categories they fit into click on the icon below.

If you belong to another region, you and your family will always be welcome at Midland events and it will still count in your log book.

Junior Parley 2014

During the Native AGM, Midland region juniors got together to parley.  Here is the list of idea they came up with, which were present at the AGM:

Swimming (including walking the plank!)
Visit to Cadbury World
Visit to the Snowdome (tobogganing, ice skating etc)
Russian-themed Weekend
Learning a language
Susan in Charge day
Sketching Weekend
Camping Wide games

Got any ideas? Ask a friendly native to e-mail midlands@arthur-ransome.org.uk to tell us about your ideas.