Index of Books

Up-to-date as of spring 2018

For each title, the year of the Catalogue in which it appears is shown first, followed by the page number. A very few copies of some of the Catalogues are available to buy at a cost of £5 including p&p. From 2010 onwards, the year of the Update in the spring edition of Signals in which it appears follows the entry. However, as time goes on, this arrangement has become less useful, and so from the spring 2017 additions, the date shown will be the date of publication. To indicate where this is the case, these will be shown in BOLD.

(CM) after the reference indicates a Carnegie Medal winner.

(ML) after the reference indicates a Mariners Library title.

[ ] indicates ‘Own and loan’ item no longer available, or item missing

Abercrombie, Lascelles Principles of English prosody, 2002/11
The theory of poetry, 2002/11
Romanticism, 2002/11
The idea of great poetry, 2002/12
The poems of, 2003/13
An essay towards a theory of art, 2003/13

Deborah, 2012

Adams, Richard Watership Down, 2009/11 (CM)
Plague Dogs, 2010
Agar, Capt. Augustus, VC, DSO Baltic episode, 2004/17
Alexander, Ted Ransome in Estonia, 2014
Alexander, Ted Ransome in the Baltic, 2016
Alexander, Ted and Verizhnikova, Tatiana Ransome in Russia, 2012
Alington, Adrian The amazing test match crime, 2007/11
Allen, Agnes The story of your house, 2010 (CM)
Allen, S. E. Natural history of the district around Grange-over-Sands, 2012
Allingham, Margery The mysterious Mr Campion: an Allingham omnibus, 2013
Almond, David Skellig, 2004/17 (CM)
Altounyan, Ernest Ornament of honour, 2004/17
Altounyan Memorial Symposium, The Roger 2009/11
Altounyan, Taqui In Aleppo Once, 2003/13
Through the years in the Middle East, 2006/13
Chimes from a wooden bell, 2007/11
In Aleppo once, Amazon Publications ed., 2011
Amazon Publications Illustrating Arthur Ransome, 2005/23

The best of childhood, 2012

Jibbooms and bobstays, 2013

Andersen, Hans Christian The complete fairy tales, 2002/12
Andersen, Lis Lis sails the Atlantic, 2002/12 (ML)
Anderson, Douglas A. (ed.) Tales before Narnia: the roots of modern fantasy and science fiction, 2015
Andrews, Jim Twelve ships a-sailing: thirty-five years of home-water cruising. 1936
Anson, Peter F. How to draw ships, 1941
Armstrong, Richard Sea change, 2010 (CM)
Babington-Smith, Constance John Masefield: a life, 2005/35
Baddeley, M. J. B. The English Lake District, 2000/11
BB’ (D. J. Watkins-Pitchford) The little grey men, 2007/11 (CM)

Down the bright stream, 2015

The quiet fields, 2015

Baden-Powell, Sir Robert Scouting for boys, 2010
Balchin, Dr John The David Hillyard story, 2008/15
Ball, Charles Coots in the north: including the chapters completed by Arthur Ransome with additional material by Charles Ball (MS), 2010

Prospectors afloat (MS), 2008/15

Ballantyne, R. M. Coral island, 2012
The dog Crusoe, 2012
Barker, Keith In the realms of gold: the story of the Carnegie Medal, 2015

Outstanding books for children and young people: the L.A. guide to Carnegie/Greenaway winners 1937-1997, 2015

Barne, Kitty Visitors from London, 2011 (CM)
Barratt, Mary Oak swill basket-making in the Lake District, 2011
Battiscombe, Georgina Charlotte Mary Yonge: the story of an uneventful life, 2015
Bawden, T. A., L. S. Garrad,

J. K. Qualtrough and
W. J. Scatchard

A preliminary study of the industrial archaeology of the Isle of Man, 2012
Bell, Brian Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies, agricultural engineers: a history of their products, 2013
Belloc, Hillaire On sailing the sea, 2007/12 (ML)
Benn, Ernest J. P. About Russia, 1930
Bennett, Arnold Anna of the five towns, 2014

Helen with the high hand, 2014

Hilda Lessways, 2014

These twain, 2014

Riceyman steps, 2015

A great man, 2016

The old wives’ tale, 2016

The regent, 2016

Benson, C. E. Crag and hound in Lakeland, 2015
Berry, John Discovering Swallows & Ransomes, 2006/13
Berverova, Nina  Moura – The dangerous life of the Baroness Budberg, 2008/15
Beverly, Ann The runaway four, 2016
Bird, Dennis Swallows & Co., 2008/16
Birds in Cumbria Spring 1983 ed., 2012
Birmingham, George A. Spanish gold, 2008/16
Bissett, Sir James Sail ho! My early years at sea, 2007/12 (ML)
Bodger, Joan How the heather looks, 2008/16
Bodman, Janet Lake District stone walls, 2012
Bogrdanova, Tatiana Arthur Ransome’s rewriting of the Russian folktale historicised (Slavonica), 2017
Bogrdanova, Tatiana and Asya Usmanova Arthur Ransome and Dmitri Mitrokhin: translating the Russian folktale (Journal of language and education), 2016
Boldrewood, Rolf Robbery under arms, 2007/13
Bone, David William Landfall at sunset, 2005/17
Bone, David William The brassbounder: a tale of the sea, 2016
Bonhams Fine books, manuscripts, atlases & historical photographs Wednesday 18 March 2015 Knightsbridge,(Includes books belonging to the late John Cowen), 2015
Boston, Lucy A stranger at Green Knowe, 2007/13 (CM)
Boston, Lucy The children of Green Knowe, 1963 (1954)
Boston, Lucy The river at Green Knowe, 2000 (1959)
Bottomley, Gordon Poems and plays, 2005/17
Boucher, David (ed.) Collingwood studies (vol. 1), 2011
Boucher, David and
Haddock, Bruce (eds.)
Collingwood studies (vol. 3), 2009/11
Collingwood studies (vols 2,5,6), 2011
Boucher, David, Bruce Haddock and Andrew Vincent Collingwood and British Idealism Studies (vols 7,8,9), 2012
Boulton, Helen M. Bats at twilight, 2013

Bess, 2013

Josephine Crewe, 2012

Bowker, R. M, and S. A. Budd Make your own sails: a handbook for the amateur and professional sailmaker, 2016
Bowler, Tim River boy, 2004/18 (CM)
Boyce, Frank Cottrell Millions, 2011 (CM)
Bradley, A. G. Highways and byways in the Lake District, 2013
Bragg, Melvin Land of the lakes, 2009/12
Brassey, Mrs A voyage in the Sunbeam, 2006/13
Breslin, Theresa The Rasputin dagger, 2017

Whispers in the graveyard, 2007/13 (CM)

Bridges, Antony Modern salmon fishing, 2002/13
Bridges, Robert The spirit of man, 2012
Brogan, Hugh The life of Arthur Ransome, 2006/14
Ransome’s kingdom, (Countryman) 2009/12
Signalling from Mars (ed.), 2009/12
The life of Arthur Ransome (uncorrected proof), 2011
Brooks, Kevin The bunker diary, 2015 (CM)
Brooks, J. A. Ghosts and legends of the Lake District, 2011
Brown, Ivor I give you my word, 2000/11
Just another word, 2004/18

Winter in London, 2015

London, 2016

Brown, Winifred Duffers on the deep, 2000/11
Browne, Sir Thomas The Works of (Vol. 1), 2004/19
Bruce, Henry James Silken dalliance, 1946
Bryhn, Schyberg, Oestmoen Round the world with Ho-Ho, 2001/12
Buchan, John The thirty-nine steps, 1991 (1915)
Buhet, Gil The honey siege, 2003/14
Bullen, Frank T. Cruise of the Cachalot, 2005/18
Burgess, Melvin Junk, 2011 (CM)
Burkett, Mary Old photographs of the Lake District, 2009/13
William Green of Ambleside (ed.), 2009/13
Burton, Hester Time of trial, 2001/12 (CM)
Butler, Hugh Middleton A Kirkstall Forge romance, 2001/12
Butts, Dennis and Hunt, Peter How did Long John Silver lose his leg? And twenty-six other mysteries of children’s literature, 2014
Calder, Jenni RLS: a life study, 2014
Canton, James Out of Essex: re-imagining a literary landscape, 2014
Canton, William The invisible playmate; W.V. her book; In memory of W.V. etc., 2015
Carlyle, Thomas The French Revolution: a history. Vol.1, 2014

Sartor resartus: the life and opinions of Herr Teufelsdröckh, 2014

Carpenter, Humphrey and Prichard, Mary The Oxford companion to children’s literature, 2002/13
Carr, Frank Sailing barges, 2001/13
Carroll, Lewis The story of Sylvie and Bruno, 2011
Carter, David Arthur Ransome’s railways, 2006/14
Chambers, Aiden Postcards from No Man’s Land, 2005/18 (CM)
Chambers, Roland The last Englishman: the double life of Arthur Ransome, 2014
Chance, John Newton The devil in Greenlands: A small matter of life and death, 2007/14
Chandler, Raymond The big sleep, 2005/18
Chang, Jung Mme Sun Yat-sen, 2006/15
Chatterton, E. Keble Down Channel in the Vivette, 2000/24

The ship under sail, 2001/17

Seamen all, 2016

Chauncy, Nan They found a cave, 2015
Cheyney, Peter You’d be surprised, 2000/12
Knave takes queen, 2007/14
Lemmy Caution Omnibus, 2009/13
Chichester, Francis Alone across the Atlantic, 2000/12

Along the clipper way, 2016

The romantic challenge, 2016

Childers, Erskine The riddle of the sands, 2000/12 (ML)

The riddle of the sands: a record of secret service (with historical postscript by R.M. Bowker), 1976 (1903)

Christie, Agatha Five little pigs, 2003/15
The Listerdale mystery, 2003/15
The murder of Roger Ackroyd, 2004/19

Sparkling cyanide, 2013

Chudovsky museum of local history Fourteen laminated photographs of Vergezha, courtesy of Alexandr Khodyakov, director
Clapham, Richard Lakeland Gray, 1947
Clare, T. Archaeological sites of the Lake District, 2011
Clark, Miles High endeavours, 2004/20
Clarke, Pauline The twelve and the genii, 2002/14 (CM)
Clemens, Clara My father Mark Twain, 2002/14
Clements, Rex A gypsy of the Horn, 2007/15 (ML)
Coles, K. Adlard Sailing years, 2004/20
Close-hauled, 2005/19
Sailing days, 2005/19
In broken water, 2009/14
Sailing and cruising, 2009/14

Heavy weather sailing, 2016

Collingwood, Jeremy A Lakeland saga: the story of the Collingwood and Altounyan family in Coniston and Aleppo, 2013
Collingwood, R. G. Principles of art, 2003/16
An autobiography, 2004/21
The First Mate’s log, 2004/21
The new leviathan, 2004/21
Collingwood, W. G. The bondwoman, 2000/13
[The life and death of Cormac the Skald, 2000/13]
Dutch Agnes her valentine, 2000/14
The Lake Counties, 2000/14
The likeness of King Elfwald, 2000/14
[Northumbrian crosses of pre-Norman Age, 2000/15]
Scandinavian Britain, 2000/15
Thorstein of the Mere, 2000/15
Life of Ruskin, 2002/14
King William the wanderer, 2007/15
Coniston tales, 2009/14
Lake District history, 2009/14
Elizabethan Keswick, 2009/15

Dutch Agnes her Valentine, 2012

Collingwood, W. G. and Stefánsson, Jón W. G. Collingwood’s letters from Iceland: travels in Iceland 1897, edited by Mike and Kate Lea, 2014
Colton, J. Ferrell Last of the square-rigged ships, 2016
Colwell, Eileen (ed.) Humblepuppy and other stories for telling: with notes on how to tell them, 2016
Concise series of guides, The No. 1 The English Lake district: including Furness Abbey, Shap Spa, Seascale, etc., etc., 2013
Conrad, Joseph The mirror of the sea/A personal record, 2003/16
Sea stories, 2011 (ML)

The secret agent: a simple tale, 2013

Under western eyes, 2013

Heart of darkness and other stories, 2016

Cooke, Francis B. Single handed cruising, 2005/20
Weekend yachting, 2009/15
Sailing, 2009/15
Cooper, James Fenimore Gleanings in Europe (VolumeTwo – Europe), 2001/13
Cooper, Lettice Robert Louis Stevenson: a Polestar pictorial biography, 1969
Coote, Jack H. Down the wind, 2006/1
Coots in the north competition entries Competition entries (x 5) by Charles H. Ball, ‘Cabin girl’, Chlup Miloṧ, Paul S. Thicke, George Wray, 2010
Cornwall, I. W. The making of man, 2012 (CM)
Courlander, Harold The king’s drum, 2008/17
Course, Captain A. G. A seventeenth-century mariner, 2014
Coward, T. A. The birds of the British Isles and their eggs: first series comprising families Corvidae to Sulidae, 2014

The birds of the British Isles and their eggs: second series comprising the families anatidae to phasianidae, 2015

The birds of the British Isles: third series comprising their migration and habits and observations on our rarer visitants, 2015

Cowen, John A Ransome bookcase, 2011
Cowper, Frank Sailing tours, Parts I, II and IV, 2011
Cowton, Geoff Over the hills & far away, 2006/15
Creech, Sharon Ruby Holler, 2011 (CM)
Crisp, Paul Drawn at a venture: the Saturday articles of Arthur Ransome from 1929 to 1932 together with their background, the history of such articles and their writers, ancient, contemporary and modern, 2015
Crosby, Kate Ponies at Seven Islands Farm, illustrated by G. B. McIntosh, 2015
Cross, Gillian Wolf, 2005/20
Crossan, Sarah One, 2015 (CM)
Crossley-Holland, Kevin Storm, 2008/17 (CM)
Crouch, Marcus The Nesbit tradition, 2000/15
Crowe, Bill and Crowe, Phyllis Heaven, hell and salt water, 2009/16 (ML)
Cruising Guide Norfolk broads and rivers (Map), 2002/15
Dana, R. H. Two years before the mast, 2010
Danks, Geoffrey Fact and fiction: Reality and the Lake District according to Arthur Ransome, 2002/15
Davies, G. Christopher The Swan and her crew, 2001/14
The handbook to the rivers and broads of Norfolk and Suffolk, 2006/16
Davies, Hunter The good guide to the Lakes, 2012
Davison, Ann The last voyage, 2011
Dawson, John Torver, 2012
Wordsworth’s Duddon revisited, 2012
Daykin, Lilian The spliced rope, 2013
Dean, Christopher Dorothy L. Sayers in Galloway, 2015
Defoe, Daniel Robinson Crusoe, 2013
de la Mare, Walter Collected stories for children, 2009/16 (CM)
de Selincourt, Aubrey The book of the sea, 2007/15
Family afloat, 2007/16
One good tern, 2010

Calicut lends a hand, 2011

The Channel shore, 2011

Kestrel, 2011

Micky, 2011

One more summer, 2011

The raven’s nest, 2011
Three green bottles, 2011

Sailing: a guide for everyman, 2016

Delmore, Elizabeth A Cumbrian year, 2011
Denes, Gabor Your book of sailing, 1963
Devine, Eric Midget Magellans, 2001/14
Dickinson, Peter Tulku, 2010 (CM)
City of gold, 2012(CM)
Dingle, Rodney Distilled enthusiasms, 2007/16
Renewed enthusiasms, 2011

Roger: the life and distinguished achievements of Dr Roger Altounyan, 2016

Diocese of Carlisle Rydal Hall, 2012
Dixon, Douglas The king’s sailing master…, 1948
Dodds, James ABC of boat bits: an introduction to sailing a winkle brig, 2015
Dodge, Mary Mapes Hans Brinker: or the silver skates, 1961(1865)
Doggart, James A meditation on Arthur Ransome (manuscript), 2010
Doherty, Berlie Dear Nobody, 2008/18 (CM)
Granny was a buffer girl, 2010 (CM)
Donnelly, Jennifer A gathering light, 2010 (CM)
Doorly, Eleanor Radium woman, 2008/18 (CM)
Douglas, Robert Night song of the last tram: a Glasgow memoir, 2005
Dowd, Siobhan Bog child, 2010 (CM)
Doyle, Brian, comp. and ed. The who’s who of children’s literature, 2014
Drabble, Margaret A writer’s Britain, 2000/16
Drabble, Margaret and Stringer, Jenny (eds.) The concise Oxford companion to English literature, 2013
Drummond, Maldwin The riddle, 2009/17
Drysdale, Helena ‘Beside the Folly Brook’ (B.B. The little grey men & Down the bright stream) in Slightly Foxed, no.55, Autumn 2017
Dukes, Sir Paul, KBE The story of ‘ST 25’, 2004/22

Red dusk and the morrow: adventures and investigations in Red Russia, 2016

Dukes, Paul A history of Russia: medieval, modern, contemporary, 2 nd edition, 1990 (1974)
Durrell, Gerald The Bafut beagles, 2001/15
The drunken forest, 2002/16
The whispering land, 2002/16

My family and other animals, 2016

A zoo in my luggage, 2016

The stationary ark, 1977

Dutt, William A. Highways and byways of East Anglia, 2007/16
Eccleshare, Julia Beatrix Potter to Harry Potter, 2008/18
Eckert, R. P. Edward Thomas – a biography and bibliography, 2007/16
Eddison, E. R. The worm Ouroboros, 2000/16
Mistress of mistresses, 2003/17

A fish dinner in Memison, 2015

The Mezentian gate, 2015

Edinburgh World city of literature Trust Great Scott!, 2015
Edmundson, Helen (adapted by, with songs by Neil Hannon) Swallows and Amazons, 2013
Edwards, John H. Edward Baker Boulton: Australia’s forgotten artist, 2015
Edwards, Owen Dudley British children’s fiction in the Second World War, 2010
Eglinton, Edmund The last of the sailing coasters, 2004/22
Ellam, Patrick and
Mudie, Colin
Sopranino, 2008/19 (ML)
Ellis, E. A. The Broads, 2006/16
Emerson, Ralph Waldo English traits and Representative men, 2000/17
Endersby-Harshman, Nancy M. From our special correspondent…:the journalism of Arthur Ransome in Egypt, 2016
Euwe, Dr M. From my chess games (1920-1937), 2006/17
Ewing, Juliana Horatia The Ewing omnibus, 2002/16
Farjeon, Eleanor A nursery in the nineties, 2000/17
The little bookroom, 2004/23 (CM)
Edward Thomas – the last four years, 2005/21

Nursery rhymes of London town, illus. by Macdonald Gill, 2013

Ferguson, Harry Operation Kronstadt, 2012
Findlay, Jessie Patrick In the steps of R.L.S., 2014
Findlay, Kirsty Nichol (ed.) Arthur Ransome’s long-lost study of Robert Louis Stevenson, 2013
Fine, Anne Goggle eyes, 2003/17 (CM)
Flour babies, 2005/21 (CM)
Fine, Reuben The ideas behind the chess openings, 2006/17
Fisher, Margery Intent upon reading, 2008/19
Fitzroy, Olivia Steer by the stars, 2014
Flaubert, Gustave Madame Bovary, 2000/18
Fleming, Peter The siege at Peking, 2004/23
Bayonets to Lhasa, 2006/18
News from Tartary, 2011

Brazilian adventure: a quest into the heart of the Amazon, 2015

Forbes, Rosita Sir Henry Morgan, 2000/18
Forester, C. S. The earthly paradise, 2016
Foss, Hubert Books about music – A reader’s guide, 2006/18
Foster, Cecil 1,700 miles in open boats, 2008/19 (ML)
Foulds, Elfrida Vipont The lark on the wing, 2010 (CM)
Fox, Frank Finland today, 2012
Fox, Uffa Sailing, seamanship and yacht construction, 2008/20
France, Anatole On life and letters, 2004/23
Fraser, Eugenie The house by the Dvina, 2010
The Dvina remains, 2010
Fraser, Maxwell Companion into Lakeland, 2013
Fraser, Nelson Great Northern? (article in Scots Magazine, 2003), 2010
Gaiman, Neil The graveyard book, 2013 (CM)
Gardner, Sally Maggot moon, 2014 (CM)
Garfield, Leon and
Blishen, Edward
The god beneath the sea, 2009/17 (CM)
Garner, Alan The owl service, 2002/17 (CM)
Garnett, David Lady into fox, 2008/20
Garnett, Eve The family from One End Street, 2003/17 (CM)
Garvin, Viola Gerard Dedication, 2008/20
Gatty, Harold Nature is your guide, 2008/21
George, Joan Merchants in exile: The Armenians in Manchester, England, 1835-1935, 2006/18
Gerbault, Alain The fight of the Firecrest, 2007/17 (ML)
In quest of the sun, 2008/21 (ML)
Gollancz, Sir Israel Hamlet in Iceland, 2008/21
Goodrum, Pete Norfolk Broads: the biography, 2014
Goudge, Elizabeth The little white horse, 2001/15 (CM)
Graham, Cddr. R. D. Rough passage, 2006/19 (ML)
Graham, Cddr. R. D. and
Tew, J. E. H.
A manual for small yachts, 2006/19
Grahame, Kenneth The golden age, 2005/21
Dream days, 2005/22

The wind in the willows, 2014

Green, Roger Lancelyn The luck of Troy, 2000/18
Tellers of tales, 2000/19
Andrew Lang – a critical biography, 2003/18
Grice, Frederick Folk tales of the North Country, 2006/20
Griffin, A. H. Inside the real Lakeland, 2007/17
Griffiths, Maurice The magic of the Swatchways, 2002/17
Swatchways and little ships, 2004/24
Ten small yachts, 2006/20
Yachting on a small income, 2009/17
Post war yachting, 2009/17
Grill, William Shackleton’s journey, 2016
Grimm, Jacob and
Grimm, Wilhelm
Grimms’ fairy tales, 2000/19
Grossmith, George and Grossmith, Weedon The diary of a nobody, 2003/18
Grove, Valerie So much to tell, 2013
Gunn, Neil M.  The green isle of the great deep, 2008/22
Hackforth-Jones, Gilbert The green sailors series (x10), 2010:

The green sailors

Green sailors, ahoy!

Green sailors and blue water

Green sailors and fair winds

Green sailors, beware!

Green sailors in the Caribbean

Green sailors in the Galapagos

Green sailors in the South Seas

Green sailors on holiday

Green sailors to Gibraltar

Haggard, Lilias Rider The cloak that I left, 2000/19
Hahn, Daniel The Oxford companion to children’s literature, second edition, 2015
Haig-Thomas, David Tracks in the snow, 2008/22
Hakluyt, Richard Voyages and discoveries, 2000/20
Hall, Duncan Brambleholme summer, 2012
Hamilton & Millar Hamilton’s map and chart of the Broads, 2016
Hamilton, Molly Mary Macarthur, 2002/18
Three against fate, 2002/18
Murder in the House of Commons, 2002/18
Life sentence, 2002/19
Hammond, J. L. C.P. Scott, 2006/21
Hammond, Wayne G. Arthur Ransome – A bibliography, 2004/24
Hanley, Keith (ed.) Armitt Library Journal 1, 2012
Hanson, H. J. Ianthe cruises, 2000/20
Hardy, Sir Alister The open sea: its natural history. Part II: Fish and fisheries, 2015
Hardyment, Christina Arthur Ransome and Captain Flint’s trunk, 2005/22
Literary trails, 2006/21
Ransome on blue water sailing, 2006/21
The world of Arthur Ransome, 2013
Harker, Charles Ode to Joy: a winklebrig’s tale, 2014
Harnett, Cynthia The wool pack, 2001/15 (CM)
Harrer, Heinrich Seven years in Tibet, 2015
Harris, Rosemary The moon in the cloud, 2008/23 (CM)
Hart-Davis, Rupert [Halfway to heaven, 2000/21]
The Lyttelton Hart-Davis letters, vols 1-2, 2015, vols 3-4, 2014, vols 5-6, 1987(1983-4)
Selected letters of Oscar Wilde (ed.), 2007/17

The arms of time, 2012

Hugh Walpole, 2015

Hartman, Robert About fishing, 2000/22
Hazlitt, William Table talk, 2004/25

Winterslow, 2004/25

Heaton, Peter Sailing, 2016
Heel, Suzie G. Once upon a magical Christmas Eve, 2014
Henderson, W. James C. Chris J. Ferguson (1876-1957): a Dumfries and Galloway artist, 2014
Herzog, Maurice Annapurna, 2004/26
Heyer, Georgette A blunt instrument, 2005/22
No wind of blame, 2005/23

Footsteps in the dark, 2013

Heyerdahl, Thor The Kon-Tiki expedition: by raft across the South Seas, 2015
Hildebrand, Arthur Sturges Blue water, 2010
Hillary, Edmund High adventure, 2015
Hindle, Brian Paul Roads and trackways of the Lake District, 2012
Hingley, Ronald Nihilists, 2000/22
Hirst, F. W. by his friends, 2000/23
Hiscock, Eric C. Cruising under sail, 2001/16
Cruising under sail (incl. Voyaging under sail), 2007/18
The yachting year. Volume I: 1946-47, 2008/23
Let’s go cruising, 2009/18
Hitchman, Janet Such a strange lady: an introduction to Dorothy L. Sayers (1893-1957), 2013
HMSO A seaman’s pocketbook, 1952
Hodgson, Mary and Lunt, Lydia Excursion to Loweswater: a Lakeland visit 1865, 2015
Holland, Eric G. Coniston copper – a history, 2009/18
Coniston copper mines, 2011
Hollindale, Peter Choosing books for children, 2002/19
Holling, Holling Clancy Paddle-to-the-sea, 1969 (1941)
Hollis, Matthew Now all roads lead to France: the last years of Edward Thomas, 2013
Home, Gordon Beautiful Britain: the English Lakes, 2013
Horrabin, J.F. and James S. Gregory An atlas of the U.S.S.R. Volume 1, 1945
Hough, Richard The ace of clubs – A history of the Garrick, 2003/19
Housley, S. J.  Sailing made easy and comfort in small craft, 2009/18
Howard, Michael S. Jonathan Cape – publisher, 2006/22
Howard, Sidney Thames to Tahiti, 2006/22 (ML)
Howard-Williams, Jeremy Teach your child about sailing, 2016
Howe, P. P. The life of William Hazlitt, 2003/19
Howkins, Chris Trees, herbs and charcoal burners, 2012
Hoyland, Graham Last hours on Everest: the gripping story of Mallory & Irvine’s fatal ascent, 2015
Hudson, W H  A hind in Richmond Park, 2009/19
Hull, Katharine and
Whitlock, Pamela
The far-distant Oxus, 2001/16
Escape to Persia, 2003/20
Crowns, 2005/23
Oxus in summer, 2006/22
Hunt, Irvine The Lakeland pedlar, 2009/19
Old Lakeland transport, 2009/19
Hunt, John The ascent of Everest, 2015
Hunt, Peter Approaching Arthur Ransome, 2001/17
Hunter, Mollie The stronghold, 2008/23 (CM)
Huntford, Roland Nansen, 2008/23
Imray yachting charts Thames to Belgium and Holland – Imray C30, 2008/24
Walton Backwaters to Ipswich and Woodbridge – Imray Y16, 2008/24
Ingersoll, Ernest The ice queen, 2009/20
Inglis, Fred History man: the life of R. G. Collingwood, 2015
Ingoldsby, Thomas The Ingoldsby legends, 2000/23
International Review of Children’s Literature and Librarianship 1989, 2006/23
Iremonger, Lucille West Indian folk-tales, 2002/19
Irving, John and
Service, Douglas
The yachtsman’s weekend book, 2002/20
Ivey, Eowyn The snow child, 2013
Jackson, Holbrook The eighteen nineties, 2007/18
Jackson, Tom Parrots, 2010
Jacobs, Joseph (coll.) Celtic fairy tales and More Celtic fairy tales, 2016
James, Henry The ambassadors, 2014

The Bostonians, 2014

The Europeans, 2014

In the cage and other stories, 2014

The beast in the jungle, 2014

Parisian sketches: letters to the New York Tribune 1875-1876, 2015

The portrait of a lady, 2015

Washington Square, 2015

Jameson, Margaret Storm Autobiography of Storm Jameson: journey from the north, vols 1 and 2, 2015

Company parade, 2015

Love in winter, 2015

None turn back, 2015

The writer’s situation and other essays, 2016

The hidden river, 1956 (1955)

Jay, Eileen The Armitt story Ambleside, 2012
Jefferies, Richard Bevis, 2000/23
The gamekeeper at home, 2005/24
Wild life in a southern county, 2005/24
Wood magic, 2009/20

The toilers of the field, 2013

Jerrold, Walter Norwich and the Broads, 2015
Johnson, Charles Lives of the most notorious pirates, 2011
Jones, David Ransome in China, 1927, 2007/19
The origins and evolution of the Peter Duck class, 2010
Jones, Eileen In Ransome’s footsteps (article in Cumbria, 2014), 2015
Jones, Griff Rhys To the Baltic with Bob, 2006/23
Jones, Julia Ghosting home, 2013

A ravelled flag, 2013

The salt-stained book, 2013

The lion of Sole Bay, 2015

Black waters, 2016

Jones, Reg Birds of Lakeland, 2012
Jukes, H. R.  Loved river, 2010
Jutsum, Capt.  Brown knots and splices, 2010
Karsavina, Tamara Theatre Street: the reminiscences of Tamara Karsavina, 1950(1930)
Kelly, Linda ‘The big-hearted little duke (Charlotte M. Yonge. The little duke) in Slightly Foxed, no. 55, Autumn 2017
Kelly, Thomas R. A testament of devotion, 2007
Kemp, Gene The turbulent term of Tyke Tyler, 2002/20 (CM)
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