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Dedicated to the memory of Brigit Sanders, First President of TARS

TARS Library

In the TARS’ Library

Special Collections in the Pollak Library at the University of Southern California at Fullerton bought Arthur Ransome’s library on his death and the booksellers’ extensive lists from this time, with many thousands of titles, provided the basis of our knowledge of the books which AR had read and retained at the time of his death. In addition, his widow, Evgenia, had donated to Abbot Hall those volumes of which AR was said to be especially fond and these too have been listed.

About the Library

    • A lending library for TARS members
    • Originally set up under the banner Read as Ransome Read, the Library’s collection has expanded in response to suggestions.
    • Books are acquired in three ways; by purchase, donation or on long-term loan.
    • Every year around 50 new titles are added to the collection.

The Library, listing and Samples

Index of Books

The Siege At Peking

The First Mate’s Log

  • Catalogues were produced for the first 10 years of the Library’s existence but they have now been discontinued. Each Catalogue entry had a brief description of the item, supplemented by a biographical sketch of the author and notes on the Ransome connection.
  • In some cases, where Ransome made notes in his own copy of a book, a copy of these notes is available when the book is borrowed.
  • The S & A series is well represented with an ever growing range of foreign editions.
  • Carnegie Medal winners since Pigeon Post are similarly increasing every year as is the collection of Mariners’ Library titles.
  • There is now an Index of titles available for borrowing, referenced by Catalogue year  (where applicable) and page entry number.
  • A more recent innovation has been the inclusion of an audio-visual section with items from programmes featuring AR and archival TARS’ activities (AGMs and Lit W/Es etc.)
  • The Library has a list of ‘wants’ each year and many gaps are filled by kind donations.
  • The Library is proud to have been the catalyst for many fresh essays on AR which have appeared as Introductory Features in each Catalogue. For a sample, read The First Mate’s Log by Tim Johns.
  • Tim Johns also gathered and presented for the Library numerous themed portfolios of AR’s magazine and newspaper writings which have proven particularly popular.

Those wishing to use the TARS LIbrary must be members of TARS.

For further details, contact Winifred Wilson.