Saturday 13th February

Join Gibber

monkey f

in the Forest

at Trentham, Staffordshire

ST12 9HR

Saturday 13th February 2016


Trentham Monkey Forest, situated in Staffordshire, is completely unique to the UK. With 140 Barbary macaques living freely within the beautiful 60 acre woodland. Walk amongst the monkeys along the ¾ of a mile pathway and watch as the monkey antics unfold right in front of you. With no cages or bars to hinder your view, visitors get an in-depth insight into the lives of these fascinating monkeys, as they live just as they would in the wild

£8 for adults (senior/students 7.50)  £6. Juniors (3-14) 

for more information and to register your interest contact Mike – see Signals p19 for details or e-mail 

this is a discovery activity for Junior TARS

Discovery Event