Midland Programme

Midland Programme 2014

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Saturday 8 February National Space Centre Discovery Event
Saturday 8 March Puppet Day Titty's Challenge
Saturday 5 April Dymock Daffodil Trail Adventure Event
Saturday 10 May –
Sunday 11 May
Old Jonas and Slater Bob Nautical Event   Discovery Event
Saturday 21 June –
Sunday 22 June
‘Wild Cat Island’ Camp Susan's Challenge   John's Challenge
Friday 18 July –
Sunday 20 July
Rudyard Camp Nautical Event   John's Challenge
Friday 29 August –
Sunday 31 August
Swallowdale Camp
Adventure Event   Susan’s Challange   John's Challenge
Saturday 27 September Apple day
Susan’s Challange
Saturday 18 October or
Saturday 25 October
Professor Callum Walk
Adventure Event   Discovery Event
Saturday 22 November Mug and Book Day
Titty’s Challenge