“Build” your own boat

Scarabs afloat

Scarabs built at the 2013 IAGM

Make this paper boat which will actually float on water to look like your a boat from your favorite story or design your own.

You will need:

  • Build your own boat template, printed onto A4 paper
  • Wax crayons
  • Scissors
  • Blue tack
  • Lake (bucket/washing up bowl/paddling pool filled with water)

What to do:

  1. Colour-in thickly with wax crayons on both side of the paper.  This is really important because the wax makes the paper waterproof.  Why not make it a Swallow, Amazon or Scarab look alike?  Swallow has tan (brown sails), Amazon had white (use a white wax crayon don’t leave the sail uncoloured) and Scarab has red.
  2. Carefully cut out and fold along the dotted lines.
  3. Stick the top edge together with a small bit of sticky tack.
  4. Launch your boat by placing her on the surface of the water and say, like Dorothea does when Sacarb is launched, “I name you (name of boat)!  And best wishes for fair winds!” 

If not duffers…

Remember to take care when using, passing and walking with scissors.

Always be careful around water even if it is only a small amount, especially if younger brothers and sisters are around.  Only create the ‘lake’ to float your boats on with an adult’s knowledge and permission, they may have an opinion what you can use and where you can do it, eg in the garden!